Jimmy Sax Signature Alto Saxophone mouthpiece

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Jimmy Sax plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece

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Circular baffle
Medium chamber


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You are free to try your new saxophone mouthpiece for 30 days upon receiving it. Should you not be satisfied, you may return the mouthpiece and exchange it or ask for a full refund.
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Over 60% of our customers choose the Syos ligature. Other popular choices include Rovner, BG and Vandoren.

Words from the artist

Jimmy Sax

Syos has designed the alto saxophone mouthpiece I always wanted for comfort, attack, warmth and fullness of sound!

Jim Rolland a.k.a. "Jimmy Sax" is an incredible saxophonist, multi-instrumentist, composer and entertainer more oriented towards electronic music. A true performer, he has played worldwide from New York to Saint Tropez, Miami, Cannes, Dubai, Paris, Monaco, Toronto, Capri, New Delhi, Cancun, Rome, Berlin, Saint Barth (where he lives) and many others... His track record of 1,500 shows, 1 million followers, 250 million views and 2 golden records has turned him into a unique figure in the world of saxophone and electronic music. 2021 will be another great year with the release of his up and coming album "Killing Jimmy Sax" (scheduled for April), his participaton in the Italian TV show IBAND as the main Jury, and his concert at the Naples Palapartneope with a symphonic orchestra!

The artist’s setup

Selmer Action 80 & Selmer Reference

Marca Reed - Jimmy Sax Signature


Customer reviews

Karin Beck

Cool sound, very loud and clear. Real feels like Jimmy Sax :)

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