Custom saxophone mouthpieces, designed and manufactured in France

Create your custom mouthpiece. Satisfied or refunded.

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Your sound more easily

It’s in the mouthpiece that your sound takes its shape.
The internal geometry of the mouthpiece will affect the timbre of the instrument.
An adapted mouthpppiece is more freedom!

Custom made design

Thanks to our scientific expertise, we build you a unique mouthpiece, matching your expectations about sound and playing comfort.

Daro Behroozi
Lucky Chops
The good folks at SYOS are doing a great service for saxophonists, enabling us to further explore our individual sounds.
Sylvain Rifflet
Sylvain Rifflet
SYOS offers saxophone players a way to look for new sounds, news perspectives and to look at the future!
Dayna Stephens
Dayna Stephens
I never imagined having a mouthpieces that produced all of the power and warmth one could desire, but my SYOS does just that with ease.
Thomas de Pourquery
Thomas de Pourquery
SYOS… what else?
Basile Verschaeve
The Geek x VRV
With this new generation of tailor-made mouthpieces, SYOS brings together passion, innovation and design, offering the opportunity for musicians to express themselves without limits.
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