Seun Kuti alto saxophone mouthpiece

    Straight baffle
    Medium chamber


    1.6 / 10


    5.6 / 10

    Alto saxophone mouthpiece
    Alto saxophone mouthpiece
    Seun Kuti alto saxophone mouthpiece
    Change the tip opening

    Seun Kuti plays with a 6 tip opening.

    6  (0.075 inches / 1.90 mm)
    Choose your color

    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

    5% of the sales will be given to the artist.

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    2-year guarantee
    Made in France

    Seun Kuti

    My Syos mouthpiece boosts my tone so my phrases are more vibrant.

    Seun Kuti is the youngest son of legendary Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. Seun started performing with his father and the band at the age of 9. Seun, then only 14 years old when Fela died, assumed the role as lead singer of Egypt 80. Ever since, Seun has followed the political and social ethos of his father. Along the way, he began to add his own twist to the music, digging deep into various African traditions to reflect the continent’s struggles and cultures. The last album of Seun, "Black Times", recorded with his Syos mouthpiece, just got nominated for the Grammy Awards.