Tivon Pennicott saxophone mouthpiece

    Circular baffle
    Small chamber


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    Tivon Pennicott tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Change the tip opening

    Tivon Pennicott plays with a 9 tip opening.

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    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

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    Made in France

    Alan M.

    "It blows easily from the top to bottom"
    The ease of playing is the first thing I noticed. It blows easily from the top to bottom. No problem going from p to ff in all registers. Sound is beautiful, I favor ballads, and this delivers mellow and smooth. Im anxious to try the bari and alto piece that I have on order!

    Maximilian P.

    "Its sound is so flexible"
    When I played the mouthpiece for the first time I felt in love with it right away. Its sound is so flexible, it ist possible to play every genre with it.

    Christopher W.

    "This is it!"
    "I wanted a mouthpiece to play softly, urbanely (conversation level) in people's houses, at parties, etc. This is it! Thank you!"

    Tivon Pennicott

    My Syos mouthpiece is uniquely comfortable for me. I can easily access my altissimo while also blowing through my low subtone notes with ease.

    For years, Tivon Pennicott has been transporting audiences and listeners to a higher level of consciousness. The highly sought saxophone player, composer and multi-instrumentalist is a three-time GRAMMY Award winner, appearing on Esperanza Spalding’s disruptive recording Radio Music Society (Heads Up International, 2012), and Gregory Porter’s Liquid Spirit (Blue Note, 2013) and Take Me to the Alley (Blue Note, 2017) .

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